Penetration Testing

Identify any security vulnerabilities through external and internal testing.
Work with your team to fix vulnerabilities to protect against cyberattacks and non-compliance.

  • External and internal testing
  • Wireless testing
  • Black box application testing

What is Cyber Security Penetration Testing

A penetration test, also called a pen test or ethical hacking, is a cybersecurity technique organizations use to identify, test and highlight vulnerabilities in their security posture. These penetration tests are often carried out by ethical hackers.
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What are the benefits of Penetration Testing?

Ideally, software and systems were designed from the start with the aim of eliminating dangerous security flaws. A pen test provides insight into how well that aim was achieved. Pen testing can help an organization

  • Find weaknesses in systems
  • Determine the robustness of controls
  • Support compliance with data privacy and security regulations (e.g., PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR)
  • Provide qualitative and quantitative examples of current security posture and budget priorities for management

What is the difference between Pen testing and Vulnerability Assessment?

Pen tests are not the same as vulnerability assessments, which provide a prioritized list of security weaknesses and how to amend them, but they are often performed together. Pen testing is often conducted with a particular goal in mind. These goals typically fall under one of the following three objectives:

  1. identify hackable systems
  2. attempt to hack a specific system
  3. carry out a data breach

Each objective focuses on specific outcomes that IT leaders are trying to avoid. For example, if the goal of a pen test is to see how easily a hacker could breach the company database, the ethical hackers would be instructed to try and carry out a data breach. The results of a pen test will not only communicate the strength of an organization’s current cybersecurity protocols, but they will also present the available hacking methods that can be used to penetrate the organization’s systems.

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